25 de agosto de 2009

Quidam dégomme (A sheep on the roof)

A man being forced to change his normal life, in means than the arrival of a sheep in the roof of the house in front of him.

We are looking for lots of articles written about this amazing animation. Rémy Schaepman, a young animator with an awesome technique and knowledge about the art of animation bring us an incredible art work, mixing 2D and 3D to get some fun! We choose some words from one of the nicesest blogs: Animation Blog!

A grey and dreary life, turn off the alarm clock, commute on the Paris Metro, sit with strangers, return dog tired to a lonely apartment: all communicated in a series of monochrome stills before the smoothly animated A Sheep on the Roof gets into its stride with the arrival by parachute of a sheep on the adjacent roof. As the animal makes itself ever more at home, the bemused commuter's life becomes increasingly whimsical. Gauche fellow traveller morphs to giant mother hen and brood, colourful posters appear on the Metro walls and it's party time on the journey. A life transformed forever? Rémy Schaepman made this surreal graduation film whilst at the Institute Saint-Geneviève. There's something of the eccentric world of a Nick Park here as the guy stands wide eyed at the increasingly bizarre antics occurring around him. Made with cutouts, animated in Flash, the coloured inks used in the backgrounds give a textured, watercolour effect that is very attractive. Clearly an outstanding talent, Rémy is now continuing his studies at the renowned Gobelins, l'Ecole de l'Image, in Paris.

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