4 de agosto de 2009

Turkish funny animation by Emre Konyali

Using the traditional 2D and bringing short and simple stories, Emre Konyali arrives in Animacam with a big and nice sense of humour, sharing dreams, alutionations, ilussions, hopes and also fears, worries and fatalities. Mixing both of our biggest mistakes: how to think about hapiness and sadness.
What is the winer ' s dream...? Is it easy to find? Easy to reach? Maybe in this short and funny animation, Emre show us the truth... What dreams? Sometimes it's better to be realist. WINER (SARAPÇI in Turkish) was the first Turkish animation work featured this edition!

His other animation release in Animacam is Ambition (HIRS), that tells the man's ambition and his wrong choices. More satiric that Winer and with an well searched humour, Emre share with us his passion, his amazing creation in 2D!

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