19 de agosto de 2009

Valentines: love is sometimes so hard

Ben has two girlfriends, Alice and Cindy, and he has to choose one of them to be the only girlfriend.

Love is sometimes a dilema. A hard decission to take between two women or two men. Ben is confussed with his two loves: Alice and Cindy. But they are fighting for his love and only one them can wins him. How can he take the right decission and choose the correct girl?

This animation, directed by the reconigzed animator from Taiwan Hsing-Yin (Meower) Wu, was created in the Academy of Art University and is the final tesse by Meower in this academy. In this school, Meower says that she has met great partners and teachers, and after three year in the academy: " I learned a lot but it just a little part of whole".

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