26 de agosto de 2009

Colour and magic with Artan Maku

Artan Maku is one of the most experimented animators in Albania. One of the greatest creators in the East Europe. He was born in Tirana in 1954, and he was graduated from the Department of Painting at Tirana’s Academy of Fine Arts in 1980. Since then, he has written 10 screnplays as a co-author and has 20 films to his credit.Artan Maku- dos pelis

Artan features in Animacam two of the most well-known animations: The giant and the hunder and Modern time. This two retrospective animations encourage Animacam with colourfull backgrounds, incredible carachters and nice and amazing stories.

Giant and hunder: When man is guided by evil, he can’t discern the good, the sincerity and the naivity. But he revenges with cynicism and is always destined to suffer hell

Modern time takes a different matter: A TV set appears in one of the windows of a block of flats and falls down.

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