26 de agosto de 2009

Oh, no! Too much food!

Olanrewaju O. Oluwafemi, a Nigerian animation features in Animacam "The adventures of Alayo". This is the first chapter of a humour serie around Alayo and his numerous adventures.

In this chapter Alayo dreams with food and his dream becomes true. But suddenly, more and more food becomes real and he can't eat all he wants. Finally he avoids his own dreams.

Lafem Animation is the producer of Alayo, a company which is a registered like 2-D Animation Production Company. Based in Lagos (Nigeria), it was founded in August 2008 by Lanre Oluwafemi, a U.S. trained Classical Animation professional.

The studio’s mission and objective is to aid individuals and businesses in projecting their ideas and visions via animation, by exploiting the unique and limitless latitude the medium offers in helping to visually translate and communicate ideas in universally discernable terms.

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