28 de agosto de 2009

Enjoy the funny jokes with Dmitri Voloshin

Dmitri Volosin's animation arrive in Animacam with two funny and awesome animation works: Baro and Boy and Have a nice day. The Moldavian share with us his magic sense of show the 3D animation and his magic sense of humour. Telling simple and possible and impossible stories at the same time, Dmitri uses classical carachters with curious minds and thinkings...

Baro and Boy tells the story about old Baro and little Tagar. They know each other. So much. They are on the nature, trying to relax and get a nice time. But sometimes is so difficult and depends on the day...

Have a nice day tells the New Year story about gypsy Gojo and Death. Gojo, the gypsy is walking down the snowy mountains to look for a place to drink quiet and peacefull and celebrate the Happy New Year. But he will find a trip and party partner... Death.

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