18 de agosto de 2009

Entropy: The stars song

A young girl living on a desolate and barren world escapes the confines of her surroundings when she follows a gentle melody on the wind to the moon. In the moon she meets a strange boy. He "plays" the stars to create a beautiful music and in the moment that they are fusioned with the stars song until the darkness of the nightfall return them to their worlds.

This is the fantastic story of Entropy, the 2D short film directed by Dane Jacobs, released in 2008. Dane was born in South Africa but he lives in New Zealand from nine years old. He studies at Freelance Animation School in Auckland. There, he met Jeremy and they set up together the small animation studio Rhubarb Zoo.

Dane Jacobs won the best 2D animated project of his last year in the Freelance Animation School with this film.

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