12 de agosto de 2009

All about Camilla...

He lives in animated world. He is an animated hero. But once he fells in love. His flame is not an ordinary girl. She is a famous actress and she's real...

Camilla is a very famous artist... And our heroe is one of the greatest workers all over the world. He is always awake and getting new information about novelties of culture. Suddenly, he meets Camilla. It's just paper, but he falls in love! How can he meet her? He doesn't live in the real world and she's "meat and bone person". Amazing work by Yulia Aronova, well-known Russian animator who has also made other succesfull animations like Eskimo; Beetle, boot and apricot and Mother and Music


Year: 2008

Country: Russia

Genre: Drama
Time: 20,00 min.

Format: DVD | Color

Director: Yulia Aronova

Screenwriter: Yulia Aronova

Cinematographer: Makoto Sembone

Producer: Tengiz Semenov (Animose studio)

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