24 de agosto de 2009

How is the best way to find me?

A girl who get lost and confuse, she just want to find something to support, finally, what can she find?

Ng Lung Fung Grady present us a dramatic story, so sweet, pure and trying to enter in the deepest feelings of the humans. Run and escape, fight against yourself and your reality, your mind, your body. Your legs are long enough to forget the problems and finally find the answer of the highest question never made: Who I am? Solve or answer it, it's epic, unbelievebable. This cross will have different stops: crying, regert, hurt, sobing, crying again. Your tears are bullets on your heart, but the only one that can save you, it's you!

Amazing story from Lung Fung Grady, made in the Multimedia Innovation Centre- School of Design of Hong Kong, who tries to describe the bravest person: someone who is able to meet herself.

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