14 de agosto de 2009

Lost = alone = island = SHIPWRECKED

A castaway on a small island tries to make contact with anyone who can save him. Eventually he succeeds, but his cry for help is completely misinterpreted. This forces him to make a difficult decision.

Difficult to escape and to look for the exit when you 're lost and you don't know nothing about the place you are. How can you solve your problem and come back home? It's a sad and scary sittuation, but Frodo Kuipers, give to this circunstance a funny side and bring us a nice comedy done in 2004. Here is the technical data:

Producer: NIAf, Ton Crone
Voices: Jasper Korving, Simon Zwiers
Music: Jan Brock
Sound and mix: Bob Kommer Soundstudios

BAF! Award (Bradford)
Shine Award (Bristol)
Best Shortfilm Eur. Youthfilmfest. Antwerp '05
Moviesquad Junior Audience Award HAFF Utrecht '06
Audience Award Festival CineJunior Paris '07

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