5 de agosto de 2009

Don't break the bronze mirror...

When villagers accidently happen upon a mirror for the first time, they mistake their own reflection for a stranger. The mirror reflects the villagers'own hopes and fears, bringing confusion and chaos to the household. A Korean folktale.

This story is based on a famous Korean tale, that talks about magic, family, jelousy and apparences. In an incredible scenary, on the highest part of the hills, inside the woods, one man finds an strange jewel. He looks another strange man inside it. He keep it inside his pocket and bring to his home. He hides the jewel to not show it to his wife... But we're so curious...

Created and directed by the Australian animator Susan Kim Danta, this film is in Korean with English subtitles. Carachters are very good shown and drawn and using an amazing and new technique. Winner of the Best Student Film, Australian Effects and Animation Festival 2007, this animator is one of the most well-known proffesional in Australia.

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