10 de agosto de 2009

Georges Sifianos creates and features Cest moa!

This film is an animation of the choreography on the theme of the quest for power. Drawing freely on the picture (manipulator - handling) of Japanese puppet theater Bunraku, the film makes the game of power in the exercise of its variations, its ambiguities, its contradictions.
The action is divided between two actors and two puppets, in a universe where the duel is a way of life, if not become a reason for being.

C’EST MÔA, 12'
France 2007
Direction: Georges Sifianos
Production: Sacrebleu Productions
Animation: Benjamin Botella, Eric Montchaud, Georges Sifianos
Music: Christophe Frionnet
Actors: Ulrike Koennecke-Bennett, Robert W. Bennett
Technique: Pixillation and puppets

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