28 de agosto de 2009

David Butler: all the techniques and styles

David Butler is a graduate of the Dun Laoghaire Film Institute of Ireland, Animation Production Course. His animated films “The Joys of Spring” (co-directed) and “The Knock” have been screened at the Galway Film Fleadh and the IFC in Dublin.

David has worked (as Inbetweener / cleanup artist) on “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” a 2003 BAFTA “Best TV Animation “award winning Production for Channel 4. For the last few years David has been developing his own adult animation TV series “Frankie- the Series” which he designed and co-created, with Stew and I Keano writer (Music and Lyrics) + Ding Dong Denny O’ Reilly performer, Paul Woodfull. “Frankie” received script development funding from the Irish Film Board in 2003 and was produced by Alan Maher (Actor “About Adam” + Associate Producer “Boy Eats Girl”) with the BAFTA award winning company Vinegar Hill Productions.

The first of the animations that David features in Animacam is The Joys of Spring, a stop motion animation that tells the story about a student's drinking session takes a strange twist when some beer falls on some dandelions. Nice results with a fast speed in the transitions and very well picture quality. This short film was produced in 1998. David was starting inside animation world, with 21 years old.
The second one is The Knock, a traditional 2D animation based on Real Events. The story talks about a dying woman prays to be reunited with her long lost brother, who has not been seen since his ship was sunk during World War One. Incredible visual treatment and nice carachters and backgrounds. A nice work that makes colourfull a grey ground animation.

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