30 de julio de 2009

What happened with uncle Adam?

Uncle Adam arrives at a village house of a family who lives there with a dog, Rex. An idyllic scenery unexpectedly turns into a horror which makes blood run cold. This animated debut made under the supervision of Piotr Dumala draws on the best tradition of the Polish School of Animation represented by Aleksander Sroczynski and Julian Jozef Antonisz.

Uncle is an animation story created by Maziej Sznabel, one of the greatest Polish animators. The story brings a city man, working in a electricity company to the country, to get involved inside a new way of life and to forget his accident in the factory, that got him a little bit aggresive.
He starts to get on with Rex, the dog of the family and to lend to the other side to the rest of the family. Uncle Adam begins to live, think, feel... to be a dog like his friend Rex. His family and his little niece start to be worried about him...

This amazing and nice 3D animation give us the mix between darkness and brightness, contrast colours and black and white... A terrorified story about a crazy Uncle! He's with us, in the Animacam experience!

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