29 de julio de 2009

Shon Kim: Experimental Korean animation

Shon Kim is one of the most famous experimental creators of animation all around the world. She explains her art like movement, understanding, the looking for the own point of view of coexistence.

Shon Kim has been exploring experimental filmmaking based on animation aesthetics with continuous interest in creating new concept of frame, unusual progress of frames, locomotion and an optical illusion caused by frame works.
In terms of fine art, his experimental drawing series 'untamed Line' has been executed for several years to create new patterns & volume by unfamiliar tools, and painting series 'untamed Paint' is also keeping pace with his line experiment.

She participates with us with two wonderful and incredible creations:
Her creation, Latent shorrow looks for, beside of moving painting #7 to reach coexistent point where abstract and figure are equally fused.
The other one, Soul trace: trace my soul, with my body. The experiment to apply body print to animation.
Shon Kim tries to keep in touch with us and communicate her personal point of view and share with us, searching the perfect equilibrate point.

She also will participate with us with two more animations:
Hermorrage is about an abstract locomotion of thesis-antithesis in order to evolve and their struggle for synthesis. This experiment is founded on Material Dialectic. ‘Power never bleeds, but history does.’
In addition, she features By accident, that tells the story about a young soldier gets injured seriously by accident and I accidentally witness the moment he is dying. Motivate liquid to move accidentally and then unexpected traces are drawn and animated intuitively. The experiment to seek for uncultivated animating and timing.

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