22 de julio de 2009

DIE MOFFELS. Watch out!! Your teeth are in danger!!!

Lucy has a loose tooth and is supposed to go to the dentist tomorrow. She’s veryscared of going. The Moffels don’t understand what should be so bad about going there. Lucy can’t really explain why either, since she’s never been there.

When Lucy accidentally mixes up her wish-rhyme they land with a BANG right in Dr. Tick’s dentist’s office. Panini sits expectantly in the dental chair and ‘Dr. Lucy’ can begin with her work, polishing Panini’s teeth which will soon be gleaming again. Suddenly she notices her loose tooth isn’t there anymore. It must have fallen out by itself.

Winner at the China International Cartoon & Animation Festival,
Hangzhou 2009, this amazing animation from Germany was created by Digitrick and directed by Sabrina Warnie
, a veteran and clever animator who was featured this Serie in several festivals and markets. Recognizing a nice work and kind stories, Die Moffels (The Moffels) is one of the new preschool animations in Animacam.tv

Take care, watch out and be careful with your teeth!!!

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