13 de julio de 2009

Boogie and Diggie: not the typical love story

Boogie and Diggie live in the deep cavernous nasal cavities of a beautiful young lady, which happens to be out on a date. When Boogie is in danger, Diggie tries her best to rescue him showing that true love alwats perseveres.

A couple. A true love story. A girl in a date doesn´t know anything about this love story inside her. She´s trying to live her own love relationship, but it´s more interested and sweetter the Boogie and Diggie relation.

Created by Sung Eun Kim, a great animation director and creator, developing and improving her art work since 2001, she have been working in several places, working like, illustrator, character designer, creator for pilot TV series and so one. Sincerely, nowadays, one of the greatest animation directors. She has worked in different producer companies such as ING Design Corp, Deawon Corp, Nickelodeon Studios and Cartoon Network.

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