29 de julio de 2009

Do you want to be a country star?

A singer from the country discovers life in the big city. That's the matter of Great ambition, a homage to the UPA studio. Created by Malcolm Sutherland, this Canadian animation show us the new funny 2D by computer creations from the American continent.

The singer loves country: he is always happy dancing and singing with the birds, walking down the desert and sharing stories and jokes with everybody in the town. Suddenly, a richman appear from the city, and offer him a contract to enjoy the music on a big way!
The singer is very excited, expecting for this chance and very happy with his choice. Unfortunately, he doesn't understand life in the city... So much lights, noise, traffic, signs, screams... he meets again with his bird friend and he thinks: Why did I leave country?

New release in Animacam.tv! The amazing musical story of a country singer! Feel the music, the rythm, the voices of the American country!

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