24 de julio de 2009

OH MY DOG! Cheeky, sweet and clever!

This series depicts the antics of Ginger the dog with an attitude problem. Ginger strongly pursues the Dog “ma” “never say die”. This series is full of action packed gags.

This is a Bone-afide attempt to bow wow the viewers.

It’s always collars up for Ginger achieving what he seeks. They say barking dogs seldom bite, but with Ginger…..grrrrrrrrr…it is beware of "OH MY DOG".

A fun filled doggy tale which reaffirms the truth “Dogs are man's best friend…..only if they choose to be so”

That's the matter of OH MY DOG! the new Indian multimedia creation released in Animacam.tv. Created by Acropetal Animation Studios India Pvt. Ltd and directed by Nasri, this animation show us the sweetness and the madness of a crazy and nice dog at the same time.To protect and serve his man, he tries to recover and give him one leg! Crazy and funny animation from India!

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