5 de agosto de 2009

Time is money... Use it or lose it?

Be fast or slow when it makes sense to do so. This Public Service Announcement is based on Carl Honoré's book, In Praise of Slowness. Chanya was inspired from his TED talk by the idea of balancing our lives at the tempo giusto – the right speed.

Chanya Hetayothin presents this advert to those people who gets involved on a boring job, an strict diet, hearthbroken relationships... Those things that made us get angrier and make that our lifes turn down and it's impossible to reach a little piece of hapiness.

"Time is money, we need to use it, or lose it". Great truth explained in this animation, that looks for a better way of life, using the inspiring text of Carl Honoré. We need to understand, to compain, to share and to know how many time we need to survive and, of course, to enjoy our lifes.

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