20 de agosto de 2009

Adventures of Captain Zafari

This is a fun adventure series with links to all the mysteries of the world. The fantasy element lies in the existence of extinct or fictitious elements we find during the course of the story.

The protagonist here is a man inclined to Safari Expeditions who is a self taught scientist with crudely made devices as his accessories.

The pivotal character will be a ‘Diary’ of this man which cannot be torn, stained, drenched or burnt. This is one of his accomplishments and has a unique pen and ink to write on it. The script on the diary is also an unique one which can be only understood by him.

Under certain circumstances the diary keeps on landing into trouble with situations and gets lost, hence it travels across the globe with this man in chase. This diary is fitted with a unique piece of one half of a magnet which has a strong attraction only to the other half of it. This way he traces the diary with the aid of the other half.

Incidentally the diary reaches the different parts of the world and gets in hands of some kid there.

Every episode is a different place and a different kid.

All these kids land into a difficult situation the moment they get hold of the diary till he comes and tracing his diary and help out these kids from different situations with the help of different devices he has invented. This way he stuns the kids with his invented devices and trades off the diary from them telling stories from the pages of the diary. These stories are adventures of his own life and they revolve round the devices of particular episodes and their use in the story told by him.

In a way we mix real world, fantasy, geography, history, science and moralities in a subtle way keeping a fast pace of adventure.

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