10 de agosto de 2009

Real love in disguise... two secrets

One boy, one girl... two secrets! That's the story of the mude animation work "Love in disguise", a 2D creation by Angeliki Salamaliki, one of the most popular animators of Greece.

This 26 aged woman has released his animations in important festivals like:
- Previe of the Short animated film"Love in Disguise" at Annecy Festival on the UWE stand – France-
- Preview of the thefilm 'Love in Disguise' at the Anim.Fest of 2006
-Personal Display at the Athens Concert Hall based on the animated film 'Love in Disguise'

Long before final name decided by Angeliki Salamaliki was 'Love in Disguise' after take decission of change the title. First title was 'Shall we Dance?' but the author thought that it was too obvious. Love in disguise was the Video of the month from the European Animation Center in Greece.

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