3 de agosto de 2009

Barënbraur... Love is in the... forest?

A woman and a bear cub live peacefully in the woods. But a cub will grow and what was nice and cuddly yesterday might become a menace tomorrow. A film about disproportionate love.

One woman and one bear... Is it possible to fall in love each other? Forest is a place to relax and forget our essence, but... one woman and one bear? Are you serious? This story bring us another possibilitie, a different point of view about love and the meaning of this word. How do you feel when things start to change so fast? When you grow and grow up and there is no return to the beginning?
What can you do? Changes are inevitable... isn't it?
Created by Derek Roczen's, amazing and well-known German animator! He chooses Animacam.tv...

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