12 de agosto de 2009

Masquerade: break the rules and put off your mask!

The mask that we get every day, as an analogy to the barriers, guards and others who regularly wear when we go out into the street.

Aziz Kocanaogullari is one the youngest and greatest animators in Turkey. He lives in San Francisco and he's studying character animation. He describes himself in his Twitter channel as a decent guy in a fat suit - aspiring animator.
He surprises us with this 3D animation: MASQUERADE.

Aziz, bring us that strange feeling, sensation, behaviour that people follows to feel better and get on with the others on a niceer way. We use a mask to hide our face to the rest of the people and pretend to be happier than we really are. But the real truth is that the others are the same like us, the same problems, long faces and bored lifes...

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