14 de octubre de 2009

Iran: a nation of bloggers

Iran: a Nation of Bloggers explores how the digital world allows many Iranians access to ideas and freedom of expression they haven’t had for close to thirty years. Blogging is, in essence, a means of revolution.
Aaron Chiesa has created this animation about mass media, internet evolution and progress and its repercussion in Iran, when the country was inside a war conflict... We recomend you this document, very nice rythm, expression, care and love in the idea...

As it's explained in Vimeo channel:
A project targeted for audience in new media journalism and socio-political issues.

This motion video turned into a viral campaign that reached a social impact with an impressive exposition inside important websites such as: Motionographer.com, boingboing.net, digg.com, motionspire.com, the middle east Al Jazeera TV channel, and BBC news.

And as it's explained to in Readwrite website:

Millions of young bloggers are challenging the conservative government of Iran, at great personal risk. The following "infographic" video from the Vancouver Film School tells this story powerfully in just 2 minutes.

It's reminiscent of the recent film Persepolis and helps put "social media" in a much more serious context than people often presume it goes on in.

Click on the arrows in the bottom right corner of the video player to watch the video in full-screen mode

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