8 de octubre de 2009

Abre Sorati: Masoud Ghodsieh and his pink cloud

Story about an old lady and her baby...

Masoud Ghodsied show us a fresh, new, magic and sweet story. Walking down the river, one old woman and her baby are looking for something. Boys are playing in the park and running across the grass. Suddenly, they realized that the woman is searching something in the sky. Finally they find it: a pink cloud, with a young mouth form and pink lips colour...
Scheduled in lots of festivals such as Animabasauri, Streaming Festival, Zlinfest or the International Festival of Fribourg, The pink cloud is one of the most popular Iranian animations in the whole world. Now, it's available in Animacam!

Director : Masoud Ghodsieh

Producer : Masoud Ghodsieh

Writer : Mehdi Rajabi

Camera : Mohamad Sharifpour

Editor : Amir Mehran

Composer: Hooman Hemami
Editor: Arash Ghasemi

Character Design: Ali Khoshkam

Release date : 2008

Duration : 00:07:30

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