9 de septiembre de 2009

Last films: Norwegian Tanjets Films

Carpe diem is one of the most popular sentences always said and screamed to looking for the positive and inspirative thinkings for everyone. Tanjets Films is the Norwegian representation in Animacam! One of the most representative producers in Europe, filming and animating adverts, multimedia clips and short films.

The artist Rune Eriksson is the head of this project. He has done one year foundation Course at Kent Institute of Art and design, Kent, UK (1997/1998). After graduation Rune teamed up with Erik Eriksson and started Tanjetsfilms. Erik Eriksson has gained his animation skills with Tanjetfilms.

Carpe Diem, The Bungee Jump Skeleton Man and Kite Rescue are three of the five short films feature in Animacam: explaining animation like meanings and thoughts of teaching, they travel to a amazing world, looking for the variety and diverse.

They also feature us their concepts of extra-earth presence: New pictures from Mars and Pimpim Planet Mars. Thanks to Tanjets Films for its aportation!

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