16 de julio de 2009

Romanian Winter by Octavian Frecea

Romanian animation has a new introducer in Animacam.tv. He´s Octavian Frecea, and he features us his cold and snowy animations: The pengüin´s winter and Pastile de Iarna. Incredible and nice animation in 3D, mixing fiction with a snowboarder pengüin and two snowmen.

Octavian Frecea is a veteran animator and graduate of Nicolae Grigorescu Art Academy, Frecea started working in animation in mid-seventies, primarily creating animated series for TV. He also did work for German and Spanish producers, eventually starting his own production company.

A story of a little pengüin and when the winter-to-spring divertissement stars two playful snowmen who are soon replaced by a pair of bunnies as spring time approaches… Two frozen stories that are part of the Festival to get us a colder and fresher summer.

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