13 de julio de 2009

Erick Oh returns in Animacam with "Way Home"

Erick Oh, the famous Koren art and animation director, come back to Animacam with other creation: Way Home. This short film talks about a fly, a dung beetle, and a farmer.

Through a tragic episode that is also filled with humor and brightness, the idea was to give the viewers an opportunity to think about what they are chasing after and what is truly precious in life. When considering the theme of the film, some would perceive a fate that no one can alter, or a natural cycle of life. Others would simply experience the nothingness at life's end. Regardless of which notion would weigh heavier on their minds, it would all narrow down to a question about 'life' after all.

With a nice sense of humour, Erick Oh continues with his particular point of view, try to involve the viewers inside his world and to offer a space to conventional values.

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