14 de julio de 2009

The heart of Amos Klein

During a heart transplant operation, as he struggles between life and death; Amos Klein returns to significant landmarks over the course of his life. These correspond with key moments in Israeli history. His journey is a reflection on moral corruption, militarism and indoctrination.

Michal and Uri Kranot are the creators of this animation, a coproduction of four countries: Israel, France, Netherlands and Denmark. As an animated film with documentary elements, the film utilizes techniques unique to the medium. The greater part of the film is executed in stylized drawn animation incorporating manipulated live-action and archive footage.

Amos Klein is an amazing caracther, with a very strong personality; is an archetype of a person corrupted by power. As a child, Amos is forced to conform to the dictations of a militaristic enviroment, as he ages, he loses his inadequacy along with his compassion.

The film is an allegory of the loss of innocence and compassion; it carries a powerful universal message regarding issues such as patriotism and individuality.

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