16 de septiembre de 2009

Last films in Animacam: The Snow Princess

A dark fairy tale about a snow princess who falls into the land of spring. The Snow Princess, Gwyneira has spent an eternity dreaming about a life in the World of Spring, but one has to be careful what you wish for! When Gwyneira tumbles down her hill into this new exotic world she will find adventure and a new friend, but at what price?

Audrey Holland is a film director whose most recent film, the animated short, "The Snow Princess," is playing to international audiences at numerous film festivals such as LA Shorts Fest, San Luis Obispo International Film Festival, ShowBiz Expo Film Festival – New York2009 Beverly Hills Film Festival, London Independent Film Festival, Short Film Corner at Cannes and West Hollywood International Film Festival among other national and international festivals.

After her studies in the New York University, and only with 23 years, this American animator has been working as animation Production Assistant at DreamWorks Animation with "How To Train Your Dragon" and as Characters Effects, Crowds and Rigging Production Assistant in Kung Fu Panda (also a Dreamworks production). Others works relationated with animation world are like editor at "Clustering With Clusterings" and Production Assistance and First Assistant Editor at 'Favorite Son".
Now, she is in Animacam featuring her own work: written, edited, directed and produced by Audrey Holland! An amazing first work at our categorie Opera Prima!

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