14 de septiembre de 2009

Last films in Animacam: Funny and cheeky South African animation

Using funny, strange, perverse and irregular ways to celebrate and share special days, Toons 53 is a animation company from South Africa, centered in the 2D by computer animation.

Its mission is provide animation and creative and intelligent ideas that enjoy getting lost in the magical world of imagination. Multimedia, advertising, web creation... Their are happy with their work and try to share the most possitive and funniest way to understand the animation world.

Guided by the experimented animator Michael Robertson, they have been represented in lots of different festivals, markets and conferences, getting a high recognition. With an alternative animation style and a wacky and cheeky content, Michael Robertson is participating with three videos in Animacam:
Emo Love is a nice and funny advert of theirselves: Toons53. Emoizim has spread far and wide and why should a day like Valentines day or love make them any happier? This is an E-Card to advertise toon53productions cc. A cheerful funny way of spreading the toon53productions brand.
Little Jimmy was just minding his own business when he stumbled upon something he wished he never had. Poor Jimmy.

Garth would do anything for love, anything. So maybe, better than chocolate, if you love somebody: give him/her your heart!

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